Grigio Carnico Marble

Granite Countertop

It is an Italian marble known as Grigio Carnico. Carnico Grigio Marmo, Grey Carnico Marble, Marmo Grigio Timau, Grigio Argentato Carnico, are names it is commonly known by. There are various finishes available for this stone, including sanded, sawn, polished, and rock-faced.

The dark grey, charcoal-grey marble Grigio Carnico has fine grey and white veins scattered all over its surface. This marble is striking because of its dark background and the pattern of the veins. Grigio Carnico, a hardy and resilient marble, is preferred by architects over other white and black marbles for flooring. It is widely considered to be one of the most popular black marbles, which makes it a great choice for big projects. Because of its elegant appearance, it is often used as countertops.

Grigio Carnico Marble is a modern, strong marble that can be used with neutral or rustic colors. The material is widely used not only as a countertop, but also as a mosaic, on interior and exterior walls, on windowsills, floors, and in pools for both residential and commercial applications. Benchtops and vanity tops are also commonly made from it.

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