Avalanche Marble

Granite Countertop

Avalanche marble is a type of light-colored, cloud-like colored marble that was quarried in Brazil. It comes in a range of colors from cream to light brown. Also known as Avalanche White Marble or Avalanche Quartzite. Avalanche marble can be polished, sawn cut, sanded, or rock-faced.

Avalanche marble is dramatic and dynamic. The marble’s striking appearance will give any room a feeling of luxury. Avalanche, a stunning dolomite marble, is like a snowstorm. Avalanche is a good choice for exterior and interior wall applications. It works well with mosaics, countertops, wall caps, and fountains. This material is suitable for bathrooms, powder rooms, and tub decks as well. Avalanche is visually captivating with its swirls, lines, and dark siennas, as well as pure gray, rich gold, and stark white.

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