Namibian White Marble

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Namibia White Marble is a type of white marble that can be used for countertops, sinks, and monuments as well as building stones, countertops, sills, ornamental stones, walls, floors, paving, or exterior wall projects. This stone is also known as Bianco Namibia Marble (Rhino White Marble), Namib White Marble, and Namibian White Marble.

Namibia White is a crystalline marble that has a white background and was quarried in Namibia. The Namibia White marble has a homogeneous appearance and a distinctive texture, often being compared with white onyx. Because of its hardness, it is ideal for decorating any kind of space. This material is ideal for interior floors, exterior floors, and walls as well as furniture, bathroom countertops, kitchens, and other areas. It can also be used to create ambiances that are elegant.

The most distinctive finish on standard stock is polished. This creates a unique effect that reflects light back to the object. Specialty and textured finishes, such as age, sandblasted, and leathered are available to adapt to market trends and consumer preferences in interior design and architecture.

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