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Tile and Backsplash St. Louis, MO

No countertop would be complete without a matching backsplash, either tile or sheet style. Tile and backsplash protect your walls from the everyday splatters, splashes, and spills caused by cooking and food preparation in general. But a great backsplash also ties kitchen decor together by merging the countertop with the upper cabinets, or even with the ceiling.

We use the same laser templating and precision cutting tools for the backsplash that we do for our countertops, creating the same quality cut and fit that our customers have come to expect. Backsplash tile can be anything from mosaic or larger tiles. Because of advances in technology, any pattern is possible. Check here for more information about backsplash.

Also, the options in finishes for backsplashes range from a smooth, mirror-like finish, honed or matte tiles, or a tumbled look similar to natural stone. Acid washing brings about an aged, weathered look, Sheet style, or a backsplash created from one uncut piece of stone, is also an option. This choice makes for a beautifully solid continuous matching countertop and backsplash. Or using a slightly different stone can offer a subtle difference which is also pleasing. Stone with bolder variations but still within the same color family is also a favorite. In either case, grout lines, which have to be perpetually cleaned and periodically resealed, become a thing of the past when the backsplash is a solid piece.

Tile and Backsplash
Stone Backsplash
Tile and Backsplash

Color is the new normal in backsplash options, as neutral colors share the spotlight with vibrant, exciting color tones. As previously mentioned, a backsplash within the same color family offers a luxurious alternative so the backsplash can share the spotlight with the countertop and yet blend beautifully with surrounding decor.

A backsplash can become the palette for the creative homeowner to stamp with their sense of style. In spite of the function of a backsplash, it can be a smooth transition between kitchen elements and still become a work of art.

With so many options to choose from, the modern backsplash has become rife with possibility, the site of potential for patterns both rich in detail and as unique as the homeowner who creates it.

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