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In a kitchen, nothing commands more attention than the kitchen countertop. That’s why homeowners have fallen in love with stone countertops such as those made of marble, granite, and quartz. Whether you’re looking for a dark color to enhance the intimate look, or a lighter color to give the feeling of bright, open space, we have stone choices to please almost everybody. But countertops created with stone have to be fabricated with care. That’s why we only offer the highest level of craftsmanship, the best manufacturing processes, and the right tools.

We have hundreds of colors and types of stone from all over the world. You can see these in our Chesterfield Design Studio showroom, or even in our Fabrication and Stone Yard in Valley Park. Once you choose your stone, we start your countertop project with laser templating. This process means each piece of your countertop will be fabricated using exact measurements.

Featured Kitchen Granite Countertops

Aras Gold Granite

Colonial Cream Granite

Wiscon White Granite

White Gold Granite

Once our crew completes the installation process, you will be able to enjoy your new countertop for a lifetime!

Each measurement is carved into the stone slab of your choice using a BACA Robo SawJet, which offers precision cutting, thus ensuring a tight and accurate fit. A professional measure not only adds to the beauty of the final product but also creates a luxurious tensile experience for the homeowner every time they run their hand along each perfect edge and seam. Because while the casual eye might miss a flaw, the hand will not be fooled, and this is where the joy of owning something created with expert craftsmanship will truly stand out. Precision cutting will also prevent breakage, which can occur if a stone is poorly cut.

After your countertop is edged and honed or polished to perfection, our top-of-the-line installation machinery and craftsman will ensure that each finished piece is set correctly and with care. Stone countertops are heavy and fragile. A professional and experienced installation is a crucial part of the finished product, as rough handling can damage the surface of the finished piece or leave the customer with a less-than perfect aesthetic outcome.

Our team is here to help you find the perfect kitchen countertops for your new home or business project!

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