Emperador Dark Marble

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Emperador dark marble comes from Spain. Spain is home to many other exciting and rich marble varieties. This warm, inviting natural stone features a backdrop made of dark browns and grays. It has an intense veining that appears to spread across the sky in a moody, darkened setting.

This dusky marble is well-known in colonial buildings on the Iberian Peninsula. It can be used in large bathrooms and spacious kitchens, no matter what style your home may have. Its distinctive appearance will make your space stand out and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

You can enjoy the rich, dark chocolate tones of this marble by pairing it with darker, more warm wood flooring and cabinetry. To create more contrast, you could choose cabinets in cream colors.

The Emperador Dark Marble is great for masculine designs with darker materials. This marble’s rich earthy color and dark black hues may make it a difficult pairing. To keep the warmth in your home, you can choose mahogany or espresso colors for cabinets. Because of the prominent veining, Emperador Dark marble still stands out because it adds amazing movement to each slab.

Designed to fit large rooms, this stone option is a perfect choice. For a brighter and more airy feeling in your kitchen, you might consider using lighter shades of upper cabinets (e.g., golden oak, or pale cream). The design will be grounded by darker countertops and lower cabinets.

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