Ice Blue Granite

Granite Countertop

Ice Blue Granite, a Brazilian stone, has beautiful blue hues. It also features a creamy white background and dark gray veins. Icy Blue Granite’s creamy background with dark gray veins almost looks like frozen crystal rocks. Each Ice Blue Granite slab is unique, so you will have beautiful variations on your countertop.

This unique Ice Blue Granite can be used in commercial and residential applications as a counter, feature wall, or floor. Ice Blue granite can be used in interior or exterior projects, even those that are subject to freezing temperatures. It is ideal for countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. It adds a distinctive feature to your kitchen and offers durability and functionality that few other natural stones can match.

Ice Blue granite is a bold choice for kitchen cabinets. Ice Blue granite can be used as accents in your outdoor kitchen or barbecue counter. Ice Blue countertops can be paired with natural hardwood flooring, stainless steel accessories, and white cabinets to create a cozy look in your kitchen. To complete this retro style, you can add subway tile to your backsplash.

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