Antique White Granite

Granite Countertop

Antique White Granite, is a type of white creamy granite from Brazil. It has a peaceful and appealing look that is hard to ignore. Particularly for Countertops and monuments. You can also call it Granito Branco Antique, Antiq White Granite or Granito Branco Antique. It can also be used to make Polished White Granite, Granito Branco Antique, and other types of products such as Sawn Cuts, Sandeds, Rockfaced Sandblasted, Tumbled, etc.

The antique white granite exudes class thanks to its beige and off-white base, which is dotted with charcoal tones. With its resistance to scratches and stains, the alluring textures and whimsical patterns give the environment an extraordinary feel.

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