Araras Gold Granite

Granite Countertop

Araras Gold granite has a rich golden color with black veins throughout. Gold Araras Granite is a South American material. The granite’s unique natural characteristics are evident from the time it is extracted in northern Brazil.

Araras Gold gets its name because of the intense, brilliant yellow color it emits from every slab. It can be purchased on the market under various denominations such as Arara Gold, Ash Gold, and Araras Gold. It doesn’t matter what name it has, it always has the main color, which is why it is called Arara Gold, Ash Gold, or Araras Gold. You can find it streaked with blue or staining with gray, but the texture is always warm and valuable.

Gold Araras granite can be used for internal and exterior cladding, but it’s mainly used in interior design due to its rarity. Its warm colors and movement along the slab make it an unusual material. This combination allows for light to flow through the home and creates a tranquil atmosphere.

This stone is suitable for both walls and floors. Open spot installations give the space a rich and refined appearance, whether in large living spaces or small bathrooms.

Granite is easy to work with, making it ideal for kitchen countertops, staircases, and fireplaces. Glossy workmanship is the best because it brings out all of its uniqueness and beauty. Araras Gold Granite is available in a variety of processing options, including polishing, sawn cutting, sanding, rock-faced, sandblasted, and tumbled.

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