Kalahari Quartzite

Granite Countertop

Kalahari Quartzite combines beautiful shades of ivory and creamy beige to create a stunning blend. It has a very low amount of pattern so it adds sophistication and refinement to all design projects, modern or traditional. Beautiful quartzite countertops can be used to create stunning kitchen islands and accent walls. The stunning colors of this actual natural stone are what make Kalahari Quartzite so popular.

Kalahari, a Brazilian quarried stone is made from a variety of gorgeous colors. This unique combination of beige, brown, and green veins gives it the appearance of an exotic dessert. Kalahari can be used as countertop material or in high traffic areas due to its beauty, durability, and easy maintenance. Kalahari Beige Quartzite is another name for it. Kalahari Quartzite is available in a variety of processing options, including polishing, sawn cutting, sanding, rockfaced, sandblasting, tumbled, and so forth.

Quartzite, the star of the show, combines both the beauty and durability of granite with quartzite. Quartzite is resistant to stain, scratch, and acid damage and can withstand sunlight. It is available in 2 CM or 3 CM slabs, which make it easy to design and install.

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