LG Viatera Carbo Quartz

Granite Countertop

It’s hard to resist LG Viatera Carbo Quartz, which is an attractive black-tinted material that has long, diagonally running light gray veins. There are also small amounts of dark-colored minerals and white speckles. The color is more dynamic and has more variation in color, which can’t be seen on all samples.

LG Viatera Carbo Quartz, a charcoal quartz countertop has a luxurious and elegant pattern. Quartz is a popular choice in kitchen and bathroom design for its dramatic appearance, including countertops, accent walls, and waterfall panels.

LG Viatera Carbo Quartz is a maintenance-free surface that was designed around the notion that countertops are more than just a place to cook. LG Viatera Carbo Quartz surfaces are durable enough to withstand daily use, but also resistant to commercial wear. This gives you the freedom to design a space that reflects your life’s beauty and wonder.

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