Arabescato Corchia Quartz

Granite Countertop

Arabesque is a description of beauty in both decorative and physical work. Arabescato stone is distinguished by its veins, which create beautiful patterns in different grey shades on a white background. Arabescato Corchia Quartz’s veins produce grey and black patterns that make the stone stand out. Arabescato Corchia Quartz is at its finest – it can be used in both interior and exterior settings. This quartz is known for its beautiful white surface, which is complemented by deep grey veining.

Arabescato Corchia, also known as Arabescato Cervaiole or Arabescato Faniello, is perfect for interior decoration such as floors, kitchen tops, and shower floors. Because of its timeless palette, the versatile Arabescato Corchia quartz is timeless. This quartz stone is a great addition to any space that combines elegance and modernity.

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