Viscon White Granite

Granite Countertop

Viscon White is known by many different names, but it has one elegant and beautiful style. Viscon White Granite appears like a slab of marble, but it is actually granite. Granite’s dual nature is its best attribute. Granite with a milky background and thin tributaries from black rivers running across its entire surface gives it a cloudy appearance. To complement the slate color, these colors can be paired with black or white bases. This slab accents modern designs by bringing out the movement of the stone.

Monochrome granite is great for kitchen countertops, wall and window cladding. It can also be used to make mosaics. This granite’s cloudy appearance gives you an almost mystical feeling when it is used as flooring. They can withstand scratches and stains and are suitable for use in exteriors such as offices and houses.

It is loved by homeowners for its beauty and durability. Viscon White granite has a beautiful appearance and is very hardy. Viscon White granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathrooms vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, and floors. Viscon White granite, with all these advantages and many other benefits that it offers, is truly one of the best natural stones on the market.

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