What Is the Best Material for Your Kitchen Countertops?: A Complete Guide

According to survey data, 83% of homeowners believe that getting kitchen remodeling will increase the overall property value of their homes. This makes sense- after all, the kitchen is one of the most often-used rooms of any living space.

Since people spend so much time in their kitchens, it’s important that this room is in top shape at all times. This means replacing your kitchen countertops if they’re low-quality or outdated.

But, you may be wondering, how can you choose the right countertop materials for your home? That’s what we’re going to discuss here today. Read on to learn the types of stone countertops that will make your interior decor stunning and your kitchen a functional space for cooking, dining, and more!


When considering which countertop material fits best within your kitchen, it’s important to remember that granite, quartz, marble, and stone are all great choices. None are inherently superior to the others. That’s why it’s important to examine all of your options.

Granite is one of the most commonly found countertop materials in American kitchens. This stone is 100% natural and is simply cut, polished, stained, and sealed to look beautiful and clean. It’s a naturally-occurring material that’s fairly easy to come by and therefore doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount. This is a key reason that many homeowners choose it.

Features and Functionality

When you look at granite, the term ‘natural’ likely will come to mind. It’s mined from quarries all around the world, buffed, and polished for the sparkling aesthetic that you know and love.

The veins and accents on these slabs are exactly as they occurred in nature, so you’re getting a one-of-a-kind countertop when you choose granite. Whether you prefer thicker or thinner veins or multiple hues of black, blue, white, or beige, there’s an option for you.

Granite is also a fairly resilient stone. It requires a sealant, but once it is applied, the stone becomes stain and scratch-resistant. It can dent or crack if something heavy falls onto it, but this is unlikely to happen to assume that you have our professionals install it with the appropriate tools.


There are multiple varieties of granite countertops that we offer. Black Pearl Granite is perfect for those who are going for a stark monochromatic aesthetic and want their room to have a pop of darkness. However, you can choose Viscon White Granite if you’re going for something more traditional that reflects light well from beneath a window.

Monochromatic color schemes aren’t the only ones that granite complements. Blue-accented Azurite Granite is perfect for those who have cool-color furniture and appliances. On the other hand, if you want a pop of warm color, you might like the yellow, brown, and burgundy hues of Santa Cecelia countertops.

Like all of our premium stone countertops, each granite slab can also be commissioned to have a specific style of edging. Whether you want eased, bevel, ogee, pencil, or bullnose sides to your countertop, you can choose the alternative that best fits your space. This is a great way to tie your room together because you can choose a sharp geometric edge for a room that has pointed decor. If your room is filled with organic shapes, it’s just as easy to choose a more soft, rounded edge for your slab.


Currently, quartz is the most popular material for kitchen counter renovations. 43% of homeowners choose to use this material in their renovations because of its pleasing aesthetic, durability, and cost-efficiency. Quartz countertops are engineered specifically to fit in your home, so it makes sense that their popularity has surpassed that of natural stone since 2018!

Features and Functionality

While granite is hard and durable, people noticed for the longest time that it did dent and crack when hit too hard. It also stains when it’s been on a counter for too long, which meant that it needed to be replaced more often than homeowners wanted to invest money in kitchen renovations.

Quartz was created as a man-made alternative to granite. It has a similar appearance because it’s made from natural quartz that’s ground up and pieced back together in a more durable configuration than it was previously in. This gives it a more consistent aesthetic because those who make it tend to try to keep textures even and patterns at least somewhat symmetrical. If you don’t mind a slightly ‘unnatural’ vibe, quartz is a gorgeous way to make your kitchen look awesome.

The reason that quartz was created was to maximize durability, and it hasn’t disappointed in fulfilling its purpose. It’s non-porous, which makes it completely stain and water-resistant as well as able to withstand extreme temperatures. It also never cracks or dents when pressure is put on it, which is a plus for anyone who needs a functional countertop.


There are many varieties of quartz that you can choose from depending on your individual kitchen needs. Grey Pearl and Tebas Black Quartz are perfect for those who have more organic interior design schemes and want organic/round patterns on their countertops. However, those who prefer harsher lines may like our Moon Mist Quartz varieties, which are all-black slabs that feature bold white veining.

Quartz, like every stone countertop material we offer, can also be repurposed and made into backsplashes. This is a great way to ensure that your kitchen is cohesive and that all of your decor matches.


Marble has been used in architecture and design for centuries. It’s a high-class material that commonly is associated with those who are well-off and of good taste. This makes sense considering that it’s a more expensive material that has a lot of aesthetically pleasing properties. It’s also fairly rare and very sturdy, which makes it the ideal material for furniture and other residential applications.

Features and Functionality

Marble is best known for its aesthetic properties. It comes in a multitude of bold colors and is polished with a finish that can’t be bested. If you want to give your room a classic royal look, marble is the material for you.

However, it’s best used by those who don’t do a lot of heavy cooking on their countertops. Marble’s visual appeal comes at the price of its durability- it’s a much softer and more malleable stone than the others on this list. As a result, it dents and cracks more easily, and staining is a common problem that marble lovers have.

The professional sealant that we apply prevents against a lot of this, so it isn’t a bad option by any means! It simply is best for those who use their countertops more for visual appeal and storage rather than banging pots and pans around or chopping vegetables on them with repeated pressure.


The reason that people choose marble is because of the amazing varieties that you can get. Our favorite stone countertop in perhaps all of our collections is Emperador Dark Marble, which comes from Spain and features an array of rich browns, grays, and whites. The pattern itself is striking in that it’s so colorful and covered in naturally appealing patterns.

However, there are also other marble varieties that aren’t to be overlooked. Dolce Vita is perfect for people with open floor plans that want natural light to illuminate their kitchen as much as possible. If you’re enthusiastic about classic marble used in Italian architecture, Calacatta Black looks just like an archway out of a period piece.

Quartzite Countertops

While all of our stone countertops on this list are unique and elegant, quartzite countertops are each one-of-a-kind. Like granite, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that has minimal changes made before it’s installed in your kitchen. This makes it an attractive alternative to quartz and marble for those who prefer a more natural look.

Features and Functionality

Unlike granite, quartzite also has a lot of different-colored veins and accents within each slab. Whether you want a natural splash of blue, red, green, or yellow, there’s a countertop out there for you. These colors are also unique in that their hues occur in nature and accentuate the unique primary hue of their stones.

Most of these primary hues are white or light gray, but some come in darker colors like coal gray or black. This is a great backdrop for the colored accents that quartzite enthusiasts love.


For those who prefer more colorful options, Fusion and African Fusion Quartzite are amazing stone countertop options. These styles incorporate an array of warm and cool colors against gray backdrops so that they can go with any number of color schemes. If you have a specific color scheme in mind that you’d prefer, our professionals are happy to help you look for the perfect all-natural slab.

We also offer Siberian White Quartzite to those who want a striking black-and-white countertop that features veins like zebra stripes. Essenza Blue is a white-gray alternative to this with thinner veining and more subtle hues.

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While there are a lot of types of kitchen countertops out there, you can’t go wrong with granite, quartz, marble, or stone. The option that’s best for you depends entirely on your needs, so do your research and reach out to the pros with any lingering questions that you may have!

Contact us with the details of your project. We’re happy to help you figure out how to make your kitchen look exactly the way you want it and to provide you with a quote for how much your project will cost. No matter what material you want, our experts have you covered!


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