Fusion Quartzite

Granite Countertop

This stone, as the name implies is true “fusion” in color. The stone’s bulk is made up of three colors. The dramatic multicolor Fusion includes deep blueish greys, creams, and rusts. It is also available in slabs. This is a durable option that is ideal for commercial and residential properties.

It is a beautiful and durable form of quartzite, making it ideal for all applications. This stone’s range of neutrals makes it a unique choice for bringing warmth and color to any project. It is quartzite natural, so it has a high quality, which makes it ideal for countertop and vanity tops. They are popular for wall decoration due to their beautiful veins.

Each block of Fusion Quartzite is unique in its veining, color, and movement. Quarried from Brazil, Fusion’s vibrant veining is visible in swirls and waves of various colors. This makes for one stunning Quartzite slab. You can process Fusion Quartzite in vein-cut or cross-cut. This allows you to use the material for unique projects and house designs. Fusion Quartzite is a beautiful stone with a high level of grossness and hardness. It’s ideally suited for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, island tops, floor decorations, and wall decorations.

Natural Fusion Quartzite looks like marble but is very hard and durable. It’s popular as a countertop material in kitchens because it can be easily scratched or corroded with Vinegar. The high-grossness Fusion Quartzite is more than 98°. Its bright color makes it ideal for the decoration of luxury hotels and private villas. Fusion Quartzite is stable in quantity and high quality. It can be used to cover large areas.

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