9 Reasons Why Colored Granite Countertops Will Enhance Your Kitchen Design
9 Reasons Why Colored Granite Countertops Will Enhance Your Kitchen Design



Choosing the best material for countertops can seem overwhelming with the sheer number of options available on the market. Statistics show that a kitchen remodel can boost your home value by almost 93%.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home.  If you’re not proud of the room, it may be a place you grow to hate. Luckily, the colored granite countertops are a long-lasting way to elevate your home’s aesthetics.

If you’re interested in learning about granite countertop colors, read on. We’re going to help you assess the choices when updating your kitchen.

Nine Reasons to Choose Colored Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a fantastic way to elevate your home. If you’ve ever tried shopping for them, it can be overwhelming browsing through all of the different colors. 

Why are there so many colors, and why should you choose granite counters for your home?

Reason One: They’re Beautiful

Few places in the home create a “WOW!” factor quite like gorgeous colored granite countertops. Granite naturally has specks, colors, and unique veins that can only be found in the real stuff. 

While engineered quartz countertops can be beautiful, it’s easy to see the human-made qualities because only nature can produce organic designs. Each granite slab is unique, giving your counters their fingerprint. 

Reason Two: The Variety

If you’re looking for blue granite countertops, there will always choices to pick from, so how do you decide?

The different colors of granite countertops and the range of patterns can make things seem overwhelming, but bringing along a sample of your floors can help you get a glimpse of how everything will look together. If you’re not sure what colors to start with, you can always ask your granite experts for recommendations.

Reason Three: The Durability

Granite is a tough stone substance that is guaranteed to last a lifetime if properly treated. With proper treatment, your desks could continue to see a few generations of families calling your house home.

Reason Four: They’re Heat Resistance

Granite is a stone mineral that can naturally handle the heat from stoves and other hot items used in your kitchen. This ensures that you can use all available counter space without having to think about your warping countertops. You can set hot things anywhere on granite surfaces and then clean them easily.

Reason Five: They’re Low-Maintenance

When professionally sealed, granite stone is incredibly easy to maintain. Proper cleaning can help you avoid stains and help reduce the risk of scratching the seal. 

Learning how to clean your countertops properly is the first step towards extending the life and luxury of the surfaces. Proper maintenance and care will extend the life of your counters, but when required, the surfaces can always be re-sealed. 

Reason Six: The Return on Investment

Many home buyers search for spaces based on how stunning and up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms are. By improving these rooms, you make your home more desirable when it’s time to sell.

Reason Seven: They’re Easy to Install

The process generally goes a little like this:

  • Make an appointment to choose your stone type and color or visit our showroom to get a full picture
  • The installation team takes project measurements
  • The fabrication process begins, which involves sizing the slab to fit your space
  • Your installations team installs your counters

That’s it. In four easy steps, you’ll go from a bland kitchen to an upgraded granite countertop masterpiece!

Reason Eight: They’re More Functional

Unlike non-stone countertops, granite is not easy to crack and can survive heavy everyday use. They are easy to maintain and can run for years without displaying any signs of wear and tear. 

From cooking, washing, showing, and organizing, granite countertops are easy to adjust and endure anything you need them to do!

Reason Nine: They Improve Your Home’s Overall Aesthetics

When people enter your house, your kitchen is also the spot where people seem to come together. It’s where you’re going to make your food, pour your drinks, and do much of your party. A lovely kitchen with colorful granite countertops will give your home an elegant, polished appearance.

Granite is flexible and can complement traditional homes and contemporary homes, depending on the type, color and construction of your chosen slab.

How to Choose Quality Granite

Not all stone manufacturers are created equally. Look through the granite slabs in a showroom and ask questions.

When you’re looking at a slab, take a close look at any flecks of colors that may stand out, use a flashlight to get a closer look. Every slab is unique and will have its own design. The better you can see all the details, the more clearly you’ll be able to envision it in your home.

Where to Start

Are you ready to update your living room and pick the colored granite countertops that suits your aesthetics? Start by asking for comparisons of your cabinets, floors, paints to select a color that will bind your whole room together.

When you’ve got an idea of what granite color you like best, bring along someone who can offer a second opinion! Your choice and the decision of those who share your room are the most significant.

Are you ready to browse some granite slabs? Visit our showroom or contact us to set up an appointment to view our showroom or to ask any questions you might have. To learn more about granite countertops and the other options available, check out these other informative articles on our blog!


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