10 Granite Colors That Pair Perfectly With White Cabinets

Ah, the classic white cabinet. They’re timeless, classy, and you simply can’t go wrong with which palette you choose to accent them. A white cabinet is a homeowner’s best friend, whether you are getting brand new ones or brightening up your space by renovating your current ones.

Of course, you can assume that you could pair white cabinets with nearly any granite counters, which would be correct. You cannot go wrong with many color schemes concerning white cabinets.

However, picking the perfect granite can be a stressful task. Do you want to go with the traditional white-on-black combo? Or do you want something different?

This list of countertops ranges from traditional to a few strange looks perfect for any homeowner wishing to add their personal touches to their homes.

It is vital to get granite counters that will perfectly reflect your home’s desired style, and you can complement white cabinets perfectly to tie the design altogether. 

Designing or updating a kitchen requires knowing what colors work for certain parts. Here are granite colors that pair perfectly with white cabinets.

Steel Grey Granite

The industrial-chic look is trendy these days, and the trendy Steel Grey Granite, sometimes referred to also as Silver Pearl Granite, is the epitome of that aesthetic. With this charming, rugged surface (originating in India) comes a small range of dark gray shades that will contrast with your white cabinets. 

Steel Grey is particularly complimentary of medium oak floors and stainless appliances. 

To further style these shades in a rugged look, use an antique finish. Then, pair Steel Grey with cool tones such as off-white, light grays, and pastels to add more depth to the white-on-gray look in your home. 

Colonial White Granite

If you are searching for the ideal white-on-white kitchen granite, Colonial White Granite is the perfect fit. The combination of pale grey and cloudy silver set atop white cabinets will add a warm hue to your kitchen without it being too uniform. 

With spots of black and dark gray dancing across an off-white backdrop, this granite will compliment your cream walls and backsplash like a charm. It works especially well when paired with cool tones and steel appliances in your contemporary kitchen. 

If this granite interests you, see also: Kashmir White Granite, Moon White Granite, and Aspen White Granite

Golden Lightning Granite

You might want to step out of the box a little bit and want the perfect bold granite counter for your white cabinetry. If so, the beautiful Golden Lightning Granite is worth looking into. 

The dreamy mixture of light brown, green, and grey veins will bring a statement piece to your kitchen without it being too overwhelming. This Italian granite brings a moody drama to off-white creamy cabinets, and it can even be extended up to make for a beautiful green backsplash in your kitchen. 

This granite is for anyone wishing to have a countertop, unlike the rest. Golden Lightning works well with any color tones, but due to its green tint, it is important to remember which colors complement those hues (such as browns, blacks, and beige.)

Black Pearl Granite

The black-and-white kitchen is a timeless choice. Black Pearl Granite (originating from India) will give you the perfect alternative to a jet-black surface that will complement your contemporary kitchen aesthetic in a much better way.

While it is predominantly ebony, it also holds specks of gold, brown, green, silver, or gray. These hues match well with warm or cool tones but look best with white and light tan colors. They can also fit beautifully with lighter wood flooring and light accents.

With either a shiny or matte finish, this granite makes for a chic black-and-white design that will stand the tests of time in your home.

See also: Virginia Mist Granite, Cambrian Black Granite and 

Antico Cream Granite

Any color of granite is going to look different when held against different shades of white. The Antico Cream Granite features a creamy off-white background mixed with subtle gold and brown flecks, some even being shimmery. 

This surface works well with warm wood flooring and brass kitchen accents and can be complimented well with furniture holding warm tones such as dark brown and gray hues. For example, it can work well with brass pulls on cabinets, dark gray seating around the kitchen island, and more.

Use this durable stone to make beautiful countertops and even backsplashes to add elegance and a dreamy look to your new or renovated home. 

See also: River White Granite, Giallo Ornamental Granite, and Siena Beige Granite

Nevasca Mist Granite

Nevasca Mist Granite is a veined, on-trend granite that swirls gray and beige colors together effortlessly. Its dreamy taupe background holds a slightly blush undertone. This Brazilian granite offers a subtle hint of style while maintaining a clean, classy aesthetic.

The colors of this surface paired with stainless appliances and cloudy cabinets, makes for a trendy, chic kitchen. It beautifully complements gray or beige accents, such as light gray kitchen chairs and light-toned wooden floors.

See also: Monte Carlo Granite, Silver Paradiso Granite, and White Spring Granite

Volga Blue Granite 

At first glance, Volga Blue Granite seems like a simple surface upon first glance. Black and gray hues dance across it with a misty, clouded appearance. However, as soon as light hits this surface, coins of vibrant blue Labradorite shimmer on top of the black background.

Matched with your white cabinet, this Ukrainian Volga Blue Granite makes for a bold, lavish kitchen. It can have a finish of either leathered, honed, or polished

To further style this granite, it complements lighter tones very well. These include beige, white, and overall neutral colors. 

See also: Blue Eyes Granite, Brass Blue Granite, and Blue Fantasy Granite

Black Marinace Granite 

For a bit more of a statement-piece kitchen, there is Black Marinace Granite. This granite is one of the most unique granite pieces you will find on the market today.

Each “pebble” design holds its own eccentric pattern that is sure to be a surface that is the perfect complement to any white cabinets. 

If you find this design to be particularly eye-catching, there is also this same pattern in green hues, called Green Marinace Granite.

Silver Waves Granite

Another take on the classic black-and-white kitchen is the Silver Waves Granite. Paired with your bright white cabinets, Silver Waves is sure to be the perfect contrast piece to add to your space.

This marble-esque pattern of swirly black and white hues creates a little added drama and balance to the white in your kitchen or bathroom. Silver Waves will bring the balance between your white cabinets and the dark accents of your kitchen perfectly. 

If you enjoy this palette, look at Titanium Granite, Black Forest Granite, and Silver Pearl Granite. 

Alaska White Granite 

While this granite does have a limited palette, its deep pattern will add a level of depth for any white-on-white color scheme in your home.

The white granite plus white countertop combination is a very popular duo on the market today.

If you love this granite, see Juparana Delicatus Granite, Winter White Granite, and Bianco Antico Granite. 

Why Pick Granite?

Granite can add interest, drama, and depth to your new white cabinetry that will tie your home together like a charm. The perfect granite creates the perfect atmosphere for your home, family, and environment. 

Here are a few reasons why granite counters are worth it:

  • They don’t depreciate in value 
  • All granite is an earth-friendly material
  • Durable surface
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to clean with warm water and mild detergent
  • They last forever

How can you be sure to find the perfect granite countertop for your new or renovated home?

That is nothing to worry about.

After finding a local fabricator, bring either a drawer or a sample door with you to your visit. Then, set it up against the granite slabs or samples to ensure the hues, design, and tone match perfectly with your vision for your new kitchen or bathroom. 

The Takeaway 

Your new white cabinets, whether freshly installed or freshly painted, deserve to be complemented by the perfect granite countertop. No matter what hue of white your cabinetry might be, whether it’s off-white, cream or eggshell, there is a granite out there for you. 

Contact us or check out our blog to learn more about the perfect granite surfaces for your home!


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