Sinks & Faucets

Sinks & Faucets

Sinks and Faucets

During the process of designing a kitchen, the homeowner will have to consider sink selection. Materials can be stainless steel, granite composite, porcelain, cast iron or copper. Vessel sinks, a relative newcomer to the sink industry, can be glass, onyx, and more. Under mount sinks are generally more popular options.

Stainless steel sinks are continuously evolving, after a rough start in utility rooms and garage shops. The gauge determines the thickness: the higher the measure, the thinner the steel. Stainless steel sinks come in gauges as low as 16 gauge, which is the thickest option you can buy.

Silgranite is a granite composite which is poured and cast. It has the benefit of being the most durable sink on the market, Heat, scratch, and stain resistant, it comes in dozens of styles and several colors. It is easy to keep clean without harsh or abrasive cleaners.

Porcelain sinks for kitchens come in a host of colors. The farm sink also called the apron front sink, is often a porcelain sink. A farm sink may be top mounted or under-mounted. It can also be stainless steel, marble, enameled cast iron, copper, and more. They’re usually wider and deeper than a traditional sink.

Just as a cautionary note: if you aren’t in the process of a remodel, or don’t already have a farm sink in place, a farm sink probably isn’t going to work without some rather substantial renovation to the counter and cabinetry.

Under mount sinks are a popular option in all materials. They are mounted from below so the sink is beneath the countertop, rather than above it. An under mount sink has the added benefit of the countertop line view being unbroken by the top of the sink.
Faucet installation is part of the process in selecting your new sink, as the sink and faucet must have corresponding holes for them to work in tandem. If the sink has extra holes, a deck plate can be used to cover them. However, a sink which lacks holes won’t work. Faucets can have options such as touchless, pull-out spray wall mounted, swing arm, and more.

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Countertop material of choice has been granite for years but it always has been an expensive material, until it recently started to go down in price. Granite shows beauty and elegance in a kitchen.

For a nice modern look, Onyx would be the natural stone used. Onyx has a variety of colors, most being natural earth tones. Onyx offers the qualities of marble and can be polished for an amazing finish.

Marble is a natural stone used as kitchen countertops. Every sheet of marble is different so every countertop will be unique. Marble does have a high price tag, so its not usually used as all the countertops of a kitchens but more often as the island. Marble may not be the best choice for kitchens, due to it does stain and scratch. Sealers can reduce that but not eliminate.

Quartz is an engineered stone product that contains 93% quartz particles and other minerals, shaped into slabs and bound with resin. Quartz was created as an adaptable and better-performing alternative to granite and marble. It has a large range of colors and has a nonporous surface that resists both scratching and staining. Unlike natural stones, quartz does not require sealing.

Quartzite is increasing as a popular choice for countertops. Quartzite is often confused with quartz, but the two products are quite different. It’s a naturally occurring stone that is quarried in a similar way to granite. It has the look of marble, but it’s easier to care for, this is a great alternative.

Soapstone is a natural stone, a smooth, silky feel and dark gray in color. This stone has been an alternative to granite. In time, soapstone takes on an antique-look that is attractive in some kitchen styles and why we are starting to see in antique homes. Unlike granite, soapstone is hard to stain.

If you are looking for beauty with antique, the beautiful travertine kitchen countertops are perfect refined elegance. The tiles surface has a velvet look and feel. Travertine is an environment friendly natural stone as well as an economical choice.

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