Countertop Edging Styles

Countertop Edging Styles

Choosing The Right Edge




Half Bullnose

Double Bevel

Double Ogee


Step Half Bullnose

Triple Pencil

Bevel Bullnose


The edge profile has a remarkable impact on the look and feel of a granite countertop. Stone edging has some exciting looks. Even a simple eased edge, which is a squared edge with ‘eased’ corners, is a beautiful option. But, for those who want to push the envelope a bit, there are plenty of options beyond an eased edge. Round edges add a smooth, soft curve to the side. If it’s round on both the top and bottom, like a half moon, it’s called a full bullnose. A half bullnose is when the edge is shaped like the crust on a quarter of a piece of pizza. A quarter round it when just the top of the side is rounded, about the same thickness as a pencil. For those who want a more substantial edge for their countertop, a double laminated side is a solution. A standard edge is about three centimeters thick. But, by cementing a second layer (doubling the amount of material) just on the edge, the side will make the piece look like it is six centimeters thick. So, in spite of the crazy name, a double laminated edge can make some edging styles look great. Others aren’t even possible without a double laminated edge. Some homeowners chose stone countertops because they enjoy the beauty of nature, and want it to look reasonably natural. A chiseled edge, also called a rock face edge, is precisely what the name implies: a craftsman hand chisels the side of the granite all the way around.  A chiseled edge isn’t one of the more economical options in edging, but it creates a natural rock edge.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the more highly stylized countertop edges. Not every stone will take a stylized edge. On some of the more unusual varieties, we may recommend against it. But for those which can, there are some exciting options. A Double ogee (think of two S-shaped swirls together), or a triple pencil edge (think of three pencils stuck together) make phenomenal edging.

Regardless of the style of edging you choose, it will be fabricated with precision and care so you will be able to run your hand along the edge anywhere and feel uniformity because beautiful things are worth the extra effort.

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